About us

Ausinland has the company name putting two words together, “Australia” and “Inland”. Ausinland is an Australian company having the long-term mission of loving and developing inland Australia, and share our technologies and expertise to other countries globally.

Infrastructure (including mining) is our major industry. “CONNECT” is the backbone and essential infrastructure for electricity, fresh water irrigation system, oil and gas, mining, solar and wind farms, transportation, communication, IoT and Big Data.

Alex Tao and Aston Marks who founded Ausinland have been in CONNECT business for over 25 years. Both of them have rich experience and professional expertise in engineering, R&D, manufacturing, delivery and services which covers the upgrading processes of:

  • Connectors with patents and edge-cutting technologies
  • Cables CONNECT power and communication
  • Power transmission, transformation and distribution CONNECT
  • Generation and new energy

Besides physical CONNECT,  Ausinland has been providing intangible CONNECT services to high-end clients – VisionX.

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