About us

Ausinland is an young enterprise.  The motivation behind our efforts is the shared mission and our people.

We are proud of our excellent and diversified team. Out of their tremendous achievement, listed below are some impressive stories:

  • Tibet China: Tibet had a long history of utilizing geothermal resources. But the geothermal generation could not meet the electricity demand and it hindered economic and social development. Tibet had also great sunshine resource which was not utilized. Our people developed an innovative solution of combining solar farm and geothermal generation seamlessly. After that, Indonesia utilized the technology and built a geothermal power plant in a remote community.
  • Luanda Angola: EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) project was urgently required by the government to restore and upgrade the electricity supply to the capital. Four hundred KM high voltage overhead lines were erected and new large substations were built. In this project over 500 employees were mobilized, including many locals trained and hired permanently.
  • Queensland Australia: A Queensland client had been providing products and repair services to the mining industry for over 40 years. From 2013, the sales markets were globalized. Overseas orders ensured the company’s yearly growth.

The most valuable assets in Ausinland are our people. Each year new employees and apprentices are recruited into our big family.

Fiona graduated from a foreign language university. Before she joined our team she was unemployed for 3 years giving birth her first baby and looking after the child at home. At the first 6 months it was hard for her to catch up. But she appreciated the supportive working environment and learned fast. After one year she made one of the largest sales in the department. Now she is working pleasantly enjoying everyday challenges and achievement, and maintaining nice balance between hard work and a happy family.                                  David Li / GM Huikai

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