“Is Climate Warming a false proposition?” It is not for us to argue. What concern us are the drought causing farmers no income for years, and bushfires killing billions of animals and the ecosystem.

Our linear economy is not sustainable.  As National Geographic stated: “We are draining the Earth’s resources in a linear “take, make, waste” economy. The concept of the circular economy, in which we are frugal with resources and recycle endlessly, is emerging as a way to a better future.”

Ausinland has been developing solutions for these challenges.  We provide products, services and solutions to support clients growing Eco-friendly.  Our expertise and investment are in the industries of Renewable Energy, Desalination and Irrigation, Advanced Manufacturing, AI & IoT and Infrastructure. We believe that these 5 industries form the integrated solutions for a better future.

Ausinland provides products, services and solutions for the clients to welcome the change for better future. Imagination of possible future scenarios can help us getting ready in advance:

  • Solar, wind, sea wave, geothermal, bio energy are combined utilized efficiently. In remote inland regions ‘endless’ energy is generated to support agriculture, mining, manufacturing, service and the communities.
  • River systems and irrigation infrastructure are developed and managed in a high level. Desalination costs dropped dramatically using innovative technologies. Desalinated fresh water is pumped into the river and irrigation system to compensate the drought.
  • The technologies of Artificial Technologies and Internet of Things are implanted in the water management system and renewable energy network. Big data is collected and analysed to create exponential growth.
  • Advanced manufacturing is invested in inland regions in large scale because automated robots production compensate the shortage of manpower. Professional robots walk out of the factories every few hours to undertake important tasks, for instance, putting out the bushfires and drilling in underground mines.
  • Infrastructure projects are constructed using new technologies. High-speed trains connect all big cities with the regions. Populations are attracted to move to the regions without worrying about compromised infrastructure.

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