Product Sourcing

Sourcing from China presents many challenges, as well as opportunities.

We help you to identify these opportunities, manage risk, minimise cost, and optimise your supply chain.

Many businesses recognize the potential for sourcing products from China but are not familiar with the market and thus are concerned about product quality and sourcing reputable suppliers.

We help alleviate many problems associated with communication, quality, and delivery delay. Ausinland cross the language and cultural barriers to make sourcing from China easier and more successful.

Many years of experience as a sourcing agent has provided us with an extended sourcing network which includes a list of reliable manufacturers.  We have a good knowledge of Australian standards and compliance requirements.

We can help you with:

Establishment of a supply chain:

  • Prototype mould and 3D print
  • Reverse engineering and drafting service
  • Sourcing high quality products.
  • Auditing new suppliers.
  • Managing sourcing projects.
  • Price negotiation.
  • Distributor and supplier assessment and appraisal.

Quality control monitoring:

  • In process quality control.
  • Pre-shipment inspection.

Supply chain and logistics management:

  • Monitoring production schedules.
  • Importing and exporting services.
  • Manufacturing outsourcing services.

Ausinland is dedicated to assisting Australia buyers to source high quality Chinese products.

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