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Ausinland is an Australian company providing “CONNECT” products and services. Ausinland represents tens of major manufacturers of mining cables, industrial low, medium, high and extra high voltage cables, fibre optic cables, data, instrumentation and control cables. Ausinland is distributor of world famous brands of transformers, circuit breakers, switchboard, electric motors, VSD and other transmission, distribution and smart energy management equipment and solutions.

Ausinland has offices in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Sydney in Australia. In China Ausinland has a representative office in Changsha, Hunan province. Hunan Huikai Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd is its subsidiary company in China.

Ausinland is dedicated to provide safe, efficient, quality and conforming “CONNECT” products and services to our clients.

Besides providing products to connect electricity and water, Ausinland provides business services – VisionX to high-end clients.

High-end clients are business owners who are passionate to grow their businesses, innovative with new ideas, or upgrading their business models. To support our clients’ great Vision, we provide business consulting services to connect and empower their Vision.

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